Computational Mediations Lecture Series, MIT

Poster_LectureSeries-f16Poster_LectureSeries-S16Computational Mediations is a lecture series at MIT that I organized with the advisorship of Terry Knight and on behalf of the Design and Computation Group. The lectures ran during the fall 2015 and spring 2016 academic terms. The Computational Mediations series probes new modalities of action, agency, and expression emerging from the confluence of human intentionality with the properties of computational technologies. The series brings together designers, media theorists, philosophers, and science and technology studies scholars, to contemplate computational technologies as media and interrogate their mediating effects on human creative endeavors. Collectively, invitees will address questions such as: How does computation (digital or non-digital) impact processes of design and making? What is the role of design and designers in orchestrating new kinds of human-technology relationships ‒relationships that promote engagement and participation? Can mediation itself become a locus of design?

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